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My Big Fat Kirkland Wedding Ch. 3
America arrived to England's house and stood outside his front door, fingering the little velvet black box in his pocket nervously. This new development in his plan to propose to Arthur was not what he had in mind. He was supposed to arrive to his boyfriend's home without any interruptions and they would spend the day together by going to see a movie and taking Arthur to his favorite restaurant in restaurant in London. Finally, at the end of it all Alfred would take Arthur over to Buckingham Palace where the magic would happen and he would pop the question. Then they would probably go back home and have the greatest mind-blowing sex ever. It would end with his cute little (yes his) Iggy crying out his name, then America would wrap his arms around him and pull him close to his chest as they slept and that was the great thing he loved after they were done.
Of course, that all depended if England said yes.
That was the main problem of America's worries, but now it seemed to have a gotten
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My Big Fat Kirkland Wedding Ch. 2
Arthur really hated his siblings sometimes. They were loud, noisy, rude, obnoxious louts who whenever either one of them (or all for this horrid instance) decided to come visit him his home would be in disarray and tatters.
As of now that was exactly what they were doing. Scotland was currently in is kitchen scrounging through the cupboards and pantries looking for food and drink. "I'm a makin lunch fer the rest o us that's eh 'ole lot more edible than your gawd awful rubbage ya call food." He had put it as he made his way to the kitchen. It was known among the British Isles and the rest of Europe that Scotland was a more terrible cook than his little brother- though he insisted that he was the better cook and that his food was excellent. How would you explain the Frankenstein monstrosity confection that was haggis? According to the siblings, he was stinking drunk when he first created the dish.
Alistair Kirkland, the personification of Scotland, was the second oldest of the British Is
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USUK: My Big Fat Kirkland Wedding
Alfred F. Jones knew that he was the happiest nation in the entire world right now.
 How on earth could he not be? He was elated, brilliant, and even fantastic. No, he didn’t even think those were even the right words that could even describe he was feeling. He had his health, a lovely country where his people could live free and happy, and since recently, he has been in a relationship with Arthur Kirkland, the personified representation of England. After centuries of being brothers, then revolution and independence to show England that they could be equals (though it did cause a strain between the two for several years, but uneasily called it after the events of the War of 1812), allies, to friends, and then finally coming together as lovers. From so many ups and downs in their lives they were able to show the world that love comes in many shapes and appearances. What else could be better? Well actually, if he was going to be honest with himself, Alfred thought it could be.
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Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow, ch.8
When Rose had arrived home, it was half-past midnight. In all honesty, she had not meant to stay out so late. She went over to Blackwater Station to hang out with the boys after she and Forrest left Snow Creek. All Rose was going to do was spend time with them like she always did, and then she would return home to please her mother (in other words, get her off her back) and spend time with Wingfield. Yet somehow, she instead found herself in the back of the Bondurants' truck going to deliver some White Lightening and Apple Brandy for a party that Tazwell Minnix was having down at Burnt Chimney. When she and the Bondurants were invited to join the party, well, time flew by after that. However, somewhere in the back of Rose's mind, she had a feeling that Forrest had something to do with her arriving home late.
And quite frankly, she certainly didn't mind.
Rose opened the front door slowly- very, very slowly- and quietly so as not to wake anybody and not get caught. That was the last
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Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow, ch.7
When I arrived at the motel, the light happiness that was still inside of me hadn't faded away. I smiled a little when I thought about what happened. The conversation with Forrest may have not gone the way I originally planned, but I could've cared less. He didn't call me Mrs. Rakes or Rosalie when we said goodbye. To be honest, I didn't expect anything from him. He called me Rose. I knew deep down that Forrest still seemed bitter about me coming back. That thought alone could let the smile fall. Also, that conversation would probably be the last we'll have together. Now we would both go on as if we never knew each other.
Yet why as the thought entered my train of thoughts, did it make feel sad all of a sudden? This is what I wanted, right? By going to the Bondurants and speaking to them should've helped me get past that small part of my life that I left behind.
As I battled with my thoughts, I almost didn't comprehend that someone had bumped into me. I turned around to see a young Afr
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Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow, ch.6
I must've been insane to actually do this.
But the boys need to know. An inward voice told me. As I kept telling myself this, it couldn't untie the nagging knot that was in the pit of my stomach. It had begun to form after we had left Hodges's home and Charley had gone out for the time being. As I sat alone in motel room for several days, I mulled over the raging thoughts and decisions inside my head.
Did I, or did I not go over to Blackwater station, and tell them about my husband's threat?
I walked along the dusty pathway that would lead me to where the Bondurants resided. I believed that it would've been wiser of a decision if I didn't take any kind of vehicle. I would be able to take any of the shortcuts and turns that I knew of if I spotted Charley or any of his men. Besides, I didn't mind the long walk over to Blackwater. It was quite nice, peaceful even. I had almost forgotten how beautiful Franklin was in the fall. It was midday, the only time I could be out to do this little '
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Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow, ch.5
"Rosalie Faye! Just where do you think you're going?"
Rose cringed at the sharp demand of her mother's tone of being caught. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she slowly turned around to face her mother, and sighed. "I'm going out."
"Out where?" Mrs. Thomas asked, placing her hands on her hips with a scowl.
"I'm going out with Forrest. He's gonna teach me how to drive." Rose explained. Excitement and impatience was radiating from her.
"Oh no, you will not young lady!" Mrs. Thomas narrowed her eyes at the thought. "You best get back upstairs, and put on that new dress I got you. That nice young man Wingfield is coming over with his folks for dinner."
"Mama, I told you I wasn't interested in seeing him!" Rose groaned.
"He has just returned home from the University of Virginia-"
"Well good for him! That don't mean I'm gonna see him right now! Maybe some other time."
"- and his mother said that all he could talk about was seeing you. He's a real nice boy-"
"I'm not interested!
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Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow, ch.4
"There's something about that hick that I simply don't like."
I stopped brushing my hair, and look at my husband from the vanity mirror. He was reading reports as he drank his brandy. He had a look of complete concentration upon his face, with a hint of a scowl upon it. I sighed and returned to what I was doing as I prepared for bed. Ever since we arrived at the motel, Charley began complaining about Forrest. It was becoming tiresome, and was driving me on edge. I was tired of him speaking about Forrest in such a demeaning way. I may have nothing to do with Forrest and the Bondurants anymore, but that didn't mean that I stopped caring about them. Not to mention, I was afraid that if Charley kept carrying on about it, I would let something about my true origins slip, and then it would be all over.
"And why is that?" I asked him. "Other than that he doesn't care that much, and won't listen to you."
Charley looked at me, watching me brush my hair. He stood up from his seat and walked up t
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Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow, ch.3
Pit clack-pit clack.
"Rose! Rosie…"
Pit clack-pit clack.
A young girl tossed in her bed as she tried to ignore the pebble hitting her window. She groaned and buried her head in her pillow as more pebbles hit her window. Finally, as she grumbled incoherently, the little girl slid out of bed and stumbled over to her window. She opened it and glared at the unruly fifteen year old boy who disturbed her sleep.
"What choo want Forrest?" she grumbled.
"Hurry up and get dressed!" said Forrest excitedly. "There's something I gotta show ya!"
"This early in the morning?" Rose hissed.
"Will you come on?" Forrest rolled his eyes then muttering to himself, "Girls…" which earned him to have an object thrown at his head.
"It was just washing soap you big baby! I didn't throw that hard."
Rose huffed as she turned around to snatch up the overalls that she left on her rocking chair the night before. Shoes in one hand and newsboy cap in the other, she tiptoed down the hall and the stair
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Between the Silence by BadRomance194 Between the Silence :iconbadromance194:BadRomance194 12 12
Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow, ch.2
CHAPTER ONE: Rosalie Rakes
It's been seventeen years since I've last seen Franklin County.
The dusty roads and dry atmosphere, the moss covered woods, the town- it was the way the last time I left it. Nothing had changed, yet it felt so strange coming back. I felt out of place and that I was never from here. I smiled bitterly at the irony of it all.
Oh, excuse me for being rude. My name is Rosalie Rakes. Please, call me Rose. Back when I lived in Franklin, I was Rose Thomas. Returning home was never my intention, but how queer fate's course can work. If you would like to hear my story, then please relax and we shall begin.
I was born in Bedford, Virginia on January 19th, 1898 to Anderson Thomas and Lenora Thomas nee Merrill. My mother had come from a prominent family from Bedford County- as she called about meeting my father, that it was a matter of convenience. According to the story, my mother was engaged to another man whom she didn't love. She would constantly argue with my grandpa
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Lawless: Where the Wild Roses Grow
I've known the Bondurant brothers since I could remember.
It's quite a funny story the way we met. Our daddies had been friends when they got into the farming-and moonshine- business together ever since daddy moved us from Rocky Mount to Blackwater Creek. When he told the Bondurants that he had a child, I believe the boys were expecting me to be a boy like themselves. I might as well have been considered one when I was a little girl. I preferred my overalls and my worn-out newsboy cap, instead of the frilly gingham dresses that mama tried to make wear back then. Well, when we arrived, you could only imagine their faces when they first saw me. What would happen next would surprise them even more.
Mouth wide open like a fish gasping for air, Howard had pointed his finger at me and exclaimed, "You're a girl!"
What I did next was probably not the most ladylike and polite thing to do, but back then I didn't care if I was supposed to be a lady. I glared at him, shouting, "And you're
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Rage and Serenity ch.6
"Your defenses were on high
Your walls built deep inside
Yeah, I'm a selfish bastard
But at least I'm not alone"
"Was It a Dream?" by 30 Seconds to Mars
To say Loki wasn't able to concentrate could've been the understatement of the year.
That being said, sitting at one of the long tables, books and notes about the Tesseract and the Foster theory surrounding him, he should've been well focused and not disturbed. But here Loki was, hand knotted in his hair and glancing at his notes with such a glare that could pierce through the paper. He didn't understand. He was never like this. The God was alert, tactile, if anything always having his mind set on a single purpose until it was achieved.
Until she would enter his mind.
The other Foster girl. The one that now got under his skin and drove him mad. Working together over the past weeks, the dynamics between Loki and the Foster sisters had changed rather dramatically. While Jane had become civil with Dr. Page, Kristina was impatient and insu
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Rage and Serenity ch.5
"Where are you now?
Are you lost?
Will I find you again?
Are you alone?
Are you afraid?
Are you searching for me?
Why did you go?
I had to stay
Now I'm reaching for you
Will you wait? Will you wait?
Will I see you again?"
"Hymn for the Missing" by Red
"Fárbauti of Jotunheim."
Thor had heard stories of Laufey's widow, Queen Fárbauti . Many described her as what the usual Frost Giants looked like. Hideous, a hunchback hag. Such tales were outrageous lies when the giantess had walked in, her handmaidens trailing behind her. Fárbauti was a tall and beautiful woman, an uncommon feature that described the Jotunn women. She wore robes of seal brown and sable furs, and her thick, long black hair in an elaborate half-do style, with beads made out of bones and crystals threaded in the locks of her hair. She wore a silver headdress with onyx. With her features and the impending garnet stare, she looked every bit a queen for Jotunheim would.
The true queen of Jotunheim. Laufey had m
:iconbadromance194:BadRomance194 2 2
Rage and Serenity ch.4
Do you remember me?
Lost for so long
Will you be on the other side?
Or will you forget me?
Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?
"Tourniquet" by Evanescence
The next day, Thor found himself walking through the warriors training area with Sif in silence. The pair spent their time speaking of matters of importance, and sometimes, the adventures they once had with Loki when they were younger. Despite how Sif felt about Loki and the fragile friendship they shared since the incident with her hair, she did miss him- if only slight. Because of the friendship that the three shared growing up, Thor was able to talk about his brother in a positive light. Most of the other Aesir blamed Loki for the fact that the Allfather nearly died and Asgard almost fell. Thor knew that when he and the rest of the royal family were present, no one would dare speak an ill word against the lost prince. Yet behind closed doors, away from Odin, it was a different matter. To them, Loki was only known as the "Dar
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Rage and Serenity ch.3
I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate
Under your fate
~"Into Dust" by Mazzy Star
"I could have done it Father! I could have done it! For you! For all of us!
"No, Loki."
Blinding light.
Free falling.
He had hurdled through space at an incredible speed. Everything felt so slow as fell as fast through the speed of light. Memories flashed through his mind. Memories of his childhood.
"Do the Frost Giants still exist?"
"You were both born to be kings."
"Am I cursed?"
Suddenly, the light had fallen away and darkness filled his vision.
Excruciating pain.
The breath had been knocked out of his lungs, and struggled to see where he had ended up. After the dark spots had faded from his sight, he had been able to see exactly where he had landed.
A barren desolate land. Filled with odd looking creatures.
The Chitauri.
They healed and cared for him when fell to their home. They were vile and ruthless creatures-
:iconbadromance194:BadRomance194 1 0


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